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The Elevation Church, London

The Elevation Church London has been set up by God to empower people to achieve the highest levels of greatness in life. We believe that everyone has the seeds of greatness in them and through this church those seeds are nurtured and released. We believe greatness in its true form is service, just as Jesus said.
We are a campus of the Elevation Church Nigeria, a church founded by Godman and Bola Akinlabi in 2010 in the suburbs of Lagos, Nigeria. Today the church family has 7 different campuses and an average global attendance approaching 10,000 weekly.

Our Vision is raising an exemplary company of believers across the globe by celebrating God’s presence, demonstrating His love, communicating His Word, cultivating His character and building His family.

Our mission is to empower you to achieve the highest level of distinction and greatness in life, serving God and humanity with passion.

  • We believe in the Godhead- the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe that God the Father, loved us so much that He sent Jesus Christ His son, to take on flesh so that He could die and save us (the world) from sin.
  • We believe that Jesus died and resurrected and is seated now at the right hand of the Father.
  • We believe that we have another comforter, The Holy Spirit who is God and with whose fellowship we enjoy here on earth.
  • We believe that we are joint heirs with Jesus to God’s inheritance by His word and that we will rule and reign with Him forever more.
  • We see a church that loves people not because of what they have or do but because of who they are – created by God
  • We see a church that is not just a place people attend but a family they belong to, one that they can feel genuinely connected to
  • We see a church that is the salt of the earth, one that is vested in and invests in blessing the local community
  • We see a church that does not emphasize a religion but a relationship and fellowship with a living God
  • We see a church that values excellence and creativity in sharing the greatest message ever – God’s word
  • We see a church where people can find purpose, deploy their gifts and truly make a difference in the world we live in
  • We see a church where people’s lives will be changed, where real people with real problems will have real victories